Mandarin Cove Sports Psychology : Jacksonville

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About the Program

Speaking Engagements

Lead therapist, Pat Moore, is routinely called upon for one-time speaking engagements. These customized presentations regarding the mental and emotional aspects of sports and individual performance enhancement are appropriate amongst the following:

  • Schools
  • Civic or Non-Profit Organizations
  • Business or Associations
  • Athletic Teams
  • Parent Groups

Contact for pricing and scheduling options.

Athletes at elite and professional levels regularly use sport psychology skills to gain a mental edge against their competition. Our focus is empowering individual athletes, teams and coaches to develop the optimal balance between mind and body. These seasoned athletes and professionals know that mental skills lead to improved performance consistency.

Mandarin Cove Sports athletes come from a wide variety of sports sectors, as well as different levels of knowledge and skills. Our programs are designed for anyone from young athletes to the college bound and those wanting to gain entrance into the professional arena. Begin your journey in developing a mental game which will lead to your peak performance.

Each athlete is unique. At Mandarin Cove Sports, our training and personal experiences have yielded the perfect set of skills to understand an athlete's needs and provide each individual with customized mental skills training. Our programs can help foster the following.

General skills for teams include:

  • Bonding and team communication
  • Team Pre competition plans
  • Positive parenting workshops
  • Leadership roles

General skills for Individual Performance Enhancement:

  • Self evaluation
  • Focus skills
  • Confidence and mental toughness skills
  • Goal setting for success
  • Individual performance enhancement
  • Positive thought training
  • Eliminate self doubt
  • Anxiety management skills
  • Visualization skills
  • Pre competition management
  • Dealing with mistakes
  • Playing "in the zone" skills
  • Tools to debrief after competition