Patricia Moore, LMHC

Lead Sports and Performance Therapist

Patricia is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor providing virtual sports and performance therapy in the state of Florida. She was a sports therapist in Jacksonville, FL since 2007, working with athletes and performance artists, until recently moving to Tallahassee in the summer of 2021.  As a high school athlete, coach in multiple sports, parent of athletes, and a professional sports therapist, she believes there is a systematic approach to attaining peak performances which gives individuals a mental advantage over the competition. Sports Psychology is a resource which allows you to more consistently perform “in the zone.”

Mandarin Cove Sports utilizes personal experiences as well as current research in the field of sports psychology to educate and motivate athletes. Mandarin Cove Sports recognizes that success comes from understanding and mastering our thoughts, emotions, energy, and focus. Patricia’s philosophy produces competitive athletes who respond to competitive pressure with confidence, poise and consistency.

Patricia utilizes the following types of therapy:

  • Solution Focus
  • Visualization
  • Cognitive Behavioral
  • Insight 
  • Brainspotting for Repetitive Sports Performance Problems (RSPP)

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